Psalm 3

Words: Isaac Watts

Common Metre Tunes    Note: there is also a Long Metre version on this page

   1  My God, how many are my fears!
         How fast my foes increase!
      Conspiring my eternal death,
         They break my present peace.

   2  The lying tempter would persuade
         There's no relief from heaven;
      And all my swelling sins appear
         Too big to be forgiven.

   3  But thou, my glory and my strength,
         Shall on the tempter tread,
      Shall silence all my threat'ning guilt,
         And raise my drooping head.

   4  I cried, and from his holy hill
         He bowed a list'ning ear;
      I called my Father, and my God,
         And He subdued my fear.

   5  He shed soft slumbers on mine eyes,
         In spite of all my foes;
      I woke, and wondered at the grace
         That guarded my repose.

   6  What through the hosts of death and hell
         All armed against me stood,
      Terrors no more shall shake my soul;
         My refuge is my God.

   7  Arise O Lord, fulfill thy grace,
         While I thy glory sing;
      My God has broke the serpent's teeth,
         And death has lost his sting.

   8  Salvation to the Lord belongs;
         His arm alone can save:
      Blessings attend thy people here,
         And reach beyond the grave.
Long Metre Tunes

Verses 1-5, 8, A Morning Psalm

   1  O Lord how many are my foes,
      In this weak state of flesh and blood!
      My peace they daily discompose,
      But my defense and hope is God.

   2  Tired with the burdens of the day,
      To thee I raised an evening cry:
      Thou heard when I began to pray,
      And thine almighty help was nigh.

   3  Supported by thine heavnly aid,
      I laid me down and slept secure:
      Not death should make my heart afraid,
      Though I should wake and rise no more.

   4  But God sustained me all the night:
      Salvation does to God belong;
      He raised my head to see the light,
      And make His praise my morning song.

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