Psalm 99

Words: Isaac Watts


Christ's kingdom and majesty.

   1     The God Jehovah reigns !
         Let all the nations fear;
      Let sinners tremble at his throne,
         And saints be humble there.

   2     Jesus the Savior reigns !
         Let earth adore its Lord;
      Bright cherubs his attendants stand,
         Swift to fulfill his word.

   3     In Zion is his throne,
         His honors are Divine;
      His church shall make his wonders known,
         For there his glories shine.

   4     How holy is his name!
         How terrible his praise!
      Justice, and truth, and judgment join
         In all his works of grace.

A holy God worshipped with reverence.

   1     Exalt the Lord our God,
         And worship at his feet;
      His nature is all holiness,
         And mercy is his seat.

   2     When Isr'el was his church,
         When Aaron was his priest,
      When Moses cried, when Samuel prayed,
         He gave his people rest.

   3     Oft he forgave their sins,
         Nor would destroy their race;
      And oft he made his vengeance known,
         When they abused his grace.

   4     Exalt the Lord our God,
         Whose grace is still the same;
      Still he's a God of holiness,
         And jealous for his name.

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