Psalm 93

Words: Isaac Watts


   The eternal and sovereign God.

   1  Jehovah reigns; he dwells in light,
      Girded with majesty and might:
      The world, created by his hands,
      Still on its first foundation stands.

   2  But ere this spacious world was made,
      Or had its first foundation laid,
      Thy throne eternal ages stood,
      Thyself the ever-living God.

   3  Like floods, the angry nations rise,
      And aim their rage against the skies;
      Vain floods, that aim their rage so high!
      At thy rebuke the billows die.

   4  For ever shall thy throne endure;
      Thy promise stands for ever sure;
      And everlasting holiness
      Becomes the dwellings of thy grace.

   As the old 50th Psalm. 
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   The same.

   1  The Lord of glory reigns, he reigns on high;
      His robes of state are strength and majesty:
      This wide creation rose at his command,
      Built by his word and 'stablished by his hand:
         Long stood his throne ere he began creation,
         And his own Godhead is the firm foundation.

   2  God is th' eternal King: thy foes in vain
      Raise their rebellions to confound thy reign;
      In vain the storms, in vain the floods arise,
      And roar, and toss their waves against the skies:
         Foaming at heav'n, they rage with wild commotion,
         But heav'n's high arches scorn the swelling ocean.

   3  Ye tempests, rage no more; ye floods, be still;
      And the mad world submissive to his will:
      Built on his truth, his church must ever stand;
      Firm are his promises, and strong his hand:
         See his own sons, when they appear before him,
         Bow at his footstool, and with fear adore him.

   As the old 122nd Psalm. 
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   The eternal and sovereign God.

   1  The Lord Jehovah reigns,
      And royal state maintains,
         His head with awful glories crowned;
      Arrayed in robes of light,
      Begirt with sov'reign might,
         And rays of majesty around.

   2  Upheld by thy commands,
      The world securely stands;
         And skies and stars obey thy word:
      Thy throne was fixed on high
      Before the starry sky;
         Eternal is thy kingdom, Lord.

   3  In vain the noisy crowd,
      Like billows fierce and loud,
         Against thine empire rage and roar;
      In vain, with angry spite,
      The surly nations fight,
         And dash like waves against tile shore.

   4  Let floods and nations rage,
      And all their powers engage;
         Let swelling tides assault the sky;
      The terrors of thy frown
      Shall beat their madness down:
         Thy throne forever stands on high.
   5  Thy promises are true,
      Thy grace is ever new;
         There fixed, thy church shall ne'er remove;
      Thy saints with holy fear
      Shall in thy courts appear,
         And sing thine everlasting love.

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