Psalm 9

Words: Isaac Watts

    The wisdom and equity of Providence.
   1  When the great Judge, supreme and just,
         Shall once inquire for blood,
      The humble souls that mourn in dust
         Shall find a faithful God.
   2  He from the dreadful gates of death
         Does his own children raise;
      In Zion's gates, with cheerful breath,
         They sing their Father's praise.
   3  His foes shall fall, with heedless feet,
         Into the pit they made;
      And sinners perish in the net
         That their own hands had spread.
   4  Thus, by thy judgments, mighty God,
         Are thy deep counsels known;
      When men of mischief are destroyed,
         The snare must be their own.
   5  The wicked shall sink down to hell;
         Thy wrath devour the lands
      That dare forget thee, or rebel
         Against thy known commands.
   6  Though saints to sore distress are brought,
         And wait and long complain,
      Their cries shall not be still forgot,
         Nor shall their hopes be vain.
   7  Rise, great Redeemer, from thy seat,
         To judge and save the poor;
      Let nations tremble at thy feet,
         And man prevail no more.
   8  Thy thunder shall affright the proud,
         And put their hearts to pain;
      Make them confess that thou art God,
         And they but feeble men.

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