Psalm 87

Words: Isaac Watts 

Long Metre Tunes
The church the birth-place of the saints.
   1  God in his earthly temple lays
      Foundations for his heav'nly praise:
      He likes the tents of Jacob well,
      But still in Zion loves to dwell.
   2  His mercy visits ev'ry house
      That pay their night and morning vows;
      But makes a more delightful stay
      Where churches meet to praise and pray.
   3  What glories were described of old!
      What wonders are of Zion told!
      Thou city of our God below,
      Thy fame shall Tyre and Egypt know.
   4  Egypt and Tyre, and Greek and Jew,
      Shall there begin their lives anew;
      Angels and men shall join to sing
      The hill where living waters spring.
   5  When God makes up his last account
      Of natives in his holy mount,
      'Twill be an honor to appear
      As one new-born or nourished there !
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