Psalm 82

Words: Isaac Watts


God the supreme Governor; or, Magistrates warned:

   1  Among th'assemblies of the great
      A greater Ruler takes his seat;
      The God of heav'n, as Judge, surveys
      Those gods on earth, and all their ways.
   2  Why will ye, then, frame wicked laws?
      Or why support th' unrighteous cause?
      When will ye once defend the poor,
      That sinners vex the saints no more?
   3  They know not, Lord, nor will they know;
      Dark are the ways in which they go;
      their name of earthly gods is vain,
      For they shall fall and die like men.
   4  Arise, O Lord, and let thy Son
      Possess his universal throne,
      And rule the nations with his rod;
      He is our Judge, and he our God.

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