Psalm 55 (portions)

Words: Isaac Watts

There is also a Short Metre version on this page.

Common Metre Tunes

Support for the afflicted and tempted soul.
   1  O GOD, my refuge, hear my cries,
         Behold my flowing tears,
      For earth and hell my hurt devise,
         And triumph in my fears.
   2  Their rage is leveled at my life,
         My soul with guilt they load,
      And fill my thoughts with inward strife,
         To shake my hope in God.
   3  With inward pain my heart-strings sound,
         I groan with ev'ry breath;
      Horror and fear beset me round
         Amongst the shades of death.
   4  O were I like a feathered dove,
         And innocence had wings,
      I'd fly, and make a long remove
         From all these restless things.
   5  Let me to some wild desert go,
         And find a peaceful home;
      Where storms of malice never blow,
         Temptations never come.
   6  Vain hopes, and vain inventions all
         To 'scape the rage of hell!
      The mighty God on whom I call,
         Can save me here as well.
   7  By morning light I'll seek his face,
         At noon repeat my cry;
      The night shall hear me ask his grace,
         Nor will he long deny.
   8  God shall preserve my soul from fear,
         Or shield me when afraid;
      Ten thousand angels must appear,
         If he command their aid.
   9  I cast my burdens on the Lord,
         The Lord sustains them all;
      My courage rests upon his word,
         That saints shall never fall.
  10  My highest hopes shall not be vain,
         My lips shall spread his praise;
      While cruel and deceitful men
         Scarce live out half their days.

Short Metre Tunes

Dangerous prosperity ; or, Daily devotions encouraged.
   1     Let sinners take their course,
         And choose the road to death 
      But ill the worship of my God
         I'11 spend my daily breath.
   2     My thoughts address his throne
         When morning brings the light;
      I'll seek his blessing ev'ry noon,
         And pay my vows at night.
   3     Thou wilt regard my cries,
         O my eternal God,
      While sinners perish ill surprise,
         Beneath thine angry rod.
   4     Because they dwell at ease,
         And no sad changes feel,
      They neither fear nor trust thy name,
         Nor learn to do thy will.
   5     But I with all my cares
         Will lean upon the Lord;
      I'11 cast my burdens on his arm,
         And rest upon his work
   6     His arm shall well sustain
         The children of his love;
      The ground on which their safety stands,
         No earthly power can move.

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