Psalm 45

Words: Isaac Watts
(Note, this page also contains Common Metre and Long Metre versions)


   The glory of Christ.   
   1     My Savior and my King,
         Thy beauties are divine;
      Thy lips with blessings overflow,
         And ev'ry grace is thine.

   2     Now make thy glory known,
         Gird on thy dreadful sword,
      And ride in majesty to spread
         The conquests of thy word.

   3     Strike through thy stubborn foes,
         Or melt their hearts t' obey,
      While justice, meekness, grace, and truth,
         Attend thy glorious way.

   4     Thy laws, O God, are right;
         Thy throne shall ever stand;
      And thy victorious gospel proves
         A scepter in thy hand.

   5     Thy Father and thy God
         Hath without measure shed
      His Spirit, like a joyful oil,
         T'anoint thy sacred head.

   6     Behold, at thy right hand
         The Gentile church is seen,
      Like a fair bride in rich attire,
         And princes guard the queen.

   7     Fair bride, receive his love,
         Forget thy father's house;
      Forsake thy gods, thy idol gods,
         And pay thy Lord thy vows.

   8     O let thy God and King
         Thy sweetest thoughts employ;
      Thy children shall his honors sing
         In palaces of joy.


   The personal glories and government of Christ.

   1  I'll speak the honors of my King,
         His form divinely fair;
      None of his sons of mortal race
         May with the Lord compare.

   2  Sweet is thy speech, and heav'nly grace
         Upon thy lips is shed;
      Thy God, with blessings infinite,
         Hath crowned thy sacred head.

   3  Gird on thy sword, victorious Prince,
         Ride with majestic sway;
      Thy terrors shall strike through thy foes,
         And make the world obey.

   4  Thy throne, O God, for ever stands;
         Thy word of grace shall prove
      A peaceful scepter in thy hands,
         To rule the saints by love.

   5  Justice and truth attend thee still,
         But mercy is thy choice;
      And God, thy God, thy soul shall fill
         With most peculiar joys.


   The glory of Christ, and power of his gospel.

   1  Now be my heart inspired to sing
      The glories of my Savior King,
      Jesus the Lord; how heav'nly fair
      His form! how bright his beauties are!

   2  O'er all the sons of human race
      He shines with a superior grace;
      Love from his lips divinely flows,
      And blessings all his state compose.

   3  Dress thee in arms, most mighty Lord,
      Gird on the terror of thy sword,
      In majesty and glory ride,
      With truth and meekness at thy side.

   4  Thine anger, like a pointed dart,
      Shall pierce the foes of stubborn heart;
      Or words of mercy, kind and sweet,
      Shall melt the rebels at thy feet.

   5  Thy throne, O God, for ever stands,
      Grace is the scepter in thy hands;
      Thy laws and works are just and right,
      Justice and grace are thy delight.

   6  God, thine own God, has richly shed
      His oil of gladness on thy head,
      And with his sacred Spirit blessed
      His first-born Son above the rest.

   Christ and his church.

   1  The King of saints, how fair his face,
      Adorned with majesty and grace!
      He comes with blessings from above,
      And wins the nations to his love.

   2  At his right hand our eyes behold
      The queen arrayed in purest gold;
      The world admires her heav'nly dress,
      Her robe of joy and righteousness.

   3  He forms her beauties like his own;
      He calls and seats her near his throne:
      Fair stranger, let thine heart forget
      The idols of thy native state.

   4  So shall the King the more rejoice
      In thee, the fav'rite of his choice;
      Let him be loved, and yet adored,
      For he's thy Maker and thy Lord.

   5  O happy hour, when thou shalt rise
      To his fair palace in the skies,
      And all thy sons (a numerous train)
      Each like a prince in glory reign!

   6  Let endless honors crown his head;
      Let ev'ry age his praises spread;
      While we with cheerful songs approve
      The condescensions of his love.

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