Psalm 44

Words: Isaac Watts
(Note, this page also contains a Long Metre version)


   v. 1--5. Part 1.
   Desertion and hope; or, Complaint of absence from public worship.

   1  With earnest longings of the mind,
         My God, to thee I look;
      So pants the hunted hart to find
         And taste the cooling brook.

   2  When shall I see thy courts of grace,
         And meet my God again?
      So long an absence from thy face
         My heart endures with pain.

   3  Temptations vex my weary soul,
         And tears are my repast;
      The foe insults without control,
         "And where's your God at last ?"

   4  'Tis with a mournful pleasure now
        I think on ancient days;
      Then to thy house did numbers go,
         And all our work was praise.

   5  But wily, my soul, sunk down so far
         Beneath this heavy load?
      Why do my thoughts indulge despair,
         And sin against my God?

   6  Hope in the Lord, whose mighty hand
         Can all thy woes remove,
      For I shall yet before him stand,
         And sing restoring love.


   v. 6--11. PART 2.
   Melancholy thoughts reproved; or, Hope in afflictions.
   1  My spirit sinks within me, Lord,
      But I will call thy name to mind,
      And times of past distress record,
      When I have found my God was kind.

   2  Huge troubles with tumultuous noise
      Swell like a sea, and round me spread;
      Thy water-spouts drown all my joys,
      And rising waves roll o'er my head.

   3  Yet will the Lord command his love,
      When I address his throne by day,
      Nor in the night his grace remove;
      The night shall hear me sing and pray.

   4  I '11 cast myself before his feet,
      And say, My God, my heav'nly rock,
      Why doth thy love so long forget
      The soul that groans beneath thy stroke."

   5  I'11 chide my heart that sinks so low,
      Why should my soul indulge her grief?
      Hope in the Lord, and praise him too;
      He is my rest, my sure relief.

   6  Thy light and truth shall guide me still,
      Thy word shall my best thoughts employ,
      And lead me to thine heav'nly hill,
      My God, my most exceeding joy.

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