Psalm 4

Words: Isaac Watts

Note: there is also a Common Metre version of a portion of this Psalm on this page.

Long Metre

v. 1--3, 5--7.
Hearing of prayer.

  1  God of grace and righteousness,
     Hear and attend when I complain;
     Thou hast enlarged me in distress,
     Bow down a gracious ear again.

  2  Ye sons of men, in vain ye try
     To turn my glory into shame;
     How long will scoffers love to lie,
     And dare reproach my Savior's name?

  3  Know that the Lord divides his saints
     From all the tribes of men beside;
     He hears the cry of penitents,
     For the dear sake of Christ that died.

  4  When our obedient hands have done
     A thousand works of righteousness,
     We put our trust in God alone,
     And glory in his pard'ning grace.

  5  Let the unthinking many say,
     "Who will bestow some earthly good?"
     But, Lord, thy light and love we pray,
     Our souls desire this heav'nly food.

  6  Then shall my cheerful powers rejoice,
     At grace and favors so divine;
     Nor will I change my happy choice
     For all their corn, and all their wine.

 v. 8---5, 8

An Evening -Psalm.
  1  Lord, thou wilt hear me when I pray,
        I am for ever thine;
     I fear before thee all the day,
        Nor would I dare to sin.

  2  And while I rest my weary head,
        From cares and business free,
     'Tis sweet conversing on my bed,
        With my own heart and thee.

  3  I pay this evening sacrifice:
        And when my work is done,
     Great God, my faith and hope relies
        Upon thy grace alone.

  4  Thus, with my thoughts composed to peace,
        I'll give mine eyes to sleep;
     Thy hand in safety keeps my days,
        And will my slumbers keep.

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