Psalm 38

Words: Isaac Watts


Guilt of conscience and relief.

   1  Amidst thy wrath remember love,
         Restore thy servant, Lord;
      Nor let a Father's chast'ning prove
         Like an avenger's sword.

   2  Thine arrows stick within my heart,
         My flesh is sorely pressed;
      Between the sorrow and the smart,
         My spirit finds no rest.

   3  My sins a heavy load appear,
         And o'er my head are gone;
      Too heavy they for me to bear,
         Too hard for me t'atone.

   4  My thoughts are like a troubled sea,
         My head still bending down;
      And I go mourning all the day,
         Beneath my Father's frown.

   5  Lord, I am weak and broken sore,
         None of my powers are whole:
      The inward anguish makes me roar,
         The anguish of my soul.

   6  All my desire to thee is known,
         Thine eye counts ev'ry tear;
      And ev'ry sigh, and ev'ry groan,
         Is noticed by thine ear.

   7  Thou art my God, my only hope;
         My God will hear my cry;
      My God will bear my spirit up,
         When Satan bids me die.

   8  My foot is ever apt to slide,
         My foes rejoice to see 't,
      They raise their pleasure and their pride
         When they supplant my feet.

   9  But I'll confess my guilt to thee,
         And grieve for all my sin;
      I'll mourn how weak my graces be,
         And beg support divine.

  l0  My God, forgive my follies past,
         And be for ever nigh;
      O Lord of my salvation, haste,
         Before thy servant die.

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