Psalm 23

Words: Isaac Watts


   1  My Shepherd will supply my need:
         Jehovah is His Name;
      In pastures fresh He makes me feed,
         Beside the living stream.

   2  He brings my wandering spirit back
         When I forsake His ways,
      And leads me, for His mercy's sake,
         In paths of truth and grace.

   3  When I walk through the shades of death
         His presence is my stay;
      One word of His supporting grace
         Drives all my fears away.

   4  His hand, in sight of all my foes,
         Doth still my table spread;
      My cup with blessings overflows,
         His oil anoints my head.

   5  The sure provisions of my God
         Attend me all my days;
      O may Thy house be my abode,
         And all my work be praise.

   6  There would I find a settled rest,
         While others go and come;
      No more a stranger, nor a guest,
         But like a child at home.

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