Psalm 126

Words: Isaac Watts

Note: there is also a Common Metre version on this page.

Long Metre Tunes.

Surprising deliverance.
   1  When God restored our captive state,
      Joy was our song, and grace our theme;
      The grace beyond our hopes so great
      That joy appeared a painted dream.
   2  The scoffer owns thy hand, and pays
      Unwilling honors to thy name;
      While we with pleasure shout thy praise,
      With cheerful notes thy love proclaim.
   3  When we review our dismal fears,
      'Twas hard to think they'd vanish so;
      With God we left our flowing tears,
      He makes our joys like rivers flow.
   4  The man that in his furrowed field
      His scattered seed with sadness leaves,
      Will shout to see the harvest yield
      A welcome load of joyful sheaves.

Common Metre Tunes.

The joy of a remarkable conversion; or, Melancholy removed.
   1  When God revealed his gracious name,
         And changed my mournful state,
      My rapture seemed a pleasing dream,
         The grace appeared so great.
   2  The world beheld the glorious change,
         And did thy hand confess;
      My tongue broke out in unknown strains,
         And sung surprising grace.
   3  "Great is the work," my neighbors cried,
         And owned the power divine;
      "Great is the work," my heart replied,
         "And be the glory thine."
   4  The Lord can clear the darkest skies,
         Can give us day for night;
      Make drops of sacred sorrow rise
         To rivers of delight.
   5  Let those that sow in sadness wait
         Till the fair harvest come,
      They shall confess their sheaves are great,
         And shout the blessings home.
   6  Though seed lie buried long in dust,
         It sha'n't deceive their hope;
      The precious grain can ne'er be lost,
         For grace insures the crop.

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