Psalm 123

Words: Isaac Watts

Common Metre Tunes.

  Pleading with submission.
   1  Thou whose grace and justice reign
         Enthroned above the skies,
      To thee our hearts would tell their pain,
         To thee we lift our eyes.
   2  As servants watch their master's hand,
         And fear the angry stroke;
      Or maids before their mistress stand,
         And wait a peaceful look;
   3  So for our sins we justly feel
         Thy discipline, O God;
      Yet wait the gracious moment still,
         Till thou remove thy rod.
   4  Those that in wealth and pleasure live,
         Our daily groans deride,
      And thy delays of mercy give
         Fresh courage to their pride.
   5  Our foes insult us, but our hope
         In thy compassion lies;
      This thought shall bear our spirits up,
         That God will not despise.

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