Psalm 121

Words: Isaac Watts
Note: there are also Common Metre and Hallelujah Metre versions on this page.

Long Metre Tunes.

Divine protection.
   1  Up to the hills I lift mine eyes,
      Th' eternal hills beyond the skies;
      Thence all her help my soul derives;
      There my Almighty refuge lives.
   2  He lives; the everlasting God,
      That built the world, that spread the flood;
      The heav'ns with all their hosts he made,
      And the dark regions of the dead.
   3  He guides our feet, he guards our way;
      His morning smiles bless all the day;
      He spreads the ev'ning veil, and keeps
      The silent hours while Isr'el sleeps.
   4  Isr'el, a name divinely blessed,
      May rise secure, securely rest;
      Thy holy Guardian's wakeful eyes
      Admit no slumber nor surprise.
   5  No sun shall smite thy head by day,
      Nor the pale moon with sickly ray
      Shall blast thy couch; no baleful star
      Dart his malignant fire so far.
   6  Should earth and hell with malice burn,
      Still thou shalt go, and still return,
      Safe in the Lord; his heav'nly care
      Defends thy life from ev'ry snare.
   7  On thee foul spirits have no power;
      And in thy last departing hour,
      Angels that trace the airy road
      Shall bear thee homeward to thy God.
Common Metre Tunes.
Preservation by day and night.
   1  To heav'n I lift my waiting eyes,
         There all my hopes are laid:
      The Lord that built the earth and skies
         Is my perpetual aid.
   2  Their feet shall never slide to fall
         Whom he designs to keep;
      His ear attends the softest call,
         His eyes can never sleep.
   3  He will sustain our weakest powers
         With his almighty arm,
      And watch our most unguarded hours
         Against surprising harm.
   4  Isr'el, rejoice, and rest secure,
         Thy keeper is the Lord;
      His wakeful eyes employ his power
         For thine eternal guard.
   5  Nor scorching sun, nor sickly moon,
         Shall have his leave to smite;
      He shields thy head from burning noon,
         From blasting damps at night.
   6  He guards thy soul, he keeps thy breath,
         Where thickest dangers come:
      Go, and return, secure from death,
         Till God commands thee home.
6's Metre Tunes  As the 148th Psalm. (Hallelujah Metre)
God our preserver.
   1  Upward I lift mine eyes,
      From God is all my aid;
      The God that built the skies,
      And earth and nature made:
         God is the tower
         To which I fly;
         His grace is nigh
         In ev'ry hour.
   2  My feet shall never slide
      And fall in fatal snares,
      Since God, my guard and guide,
      Defends me from my fears:
         Those wakeful eyes
         That never sleep
         Shall Isr'el keep,
         When dangers rise.
   3  No burning heats by day
      Nor blasts of ev'ning air,
      Shall take my health away,
      If God be with me there:
         Thou art my sun,
         And thou my shade,
         To guard my head
         By night or noon.
   4  Hast thou not giv'n thy word
      To save my soul from death ?
      And I can trust my Lord
      To keep my mortal breath:
         I'll go and come,
         Nor fear to die,
         Till from on high
         Thou call me home.

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