Psalm 114

Words: Isaac Watts

Miracles attending Israel's journey.

   1  When Isr'el, freed from Pharaoh's hand,
      Left the proud tyrant and his land,
      The tribes with cheerful homage own
      Their King, and Judah was his throne.

   2  Across the deep their journey lay;
      The deep divides to make them way;
      Jordan beheld their march, and fled
      With backward current to his head.

   3  The mountains shook like frighted sheep,
      Like lambs the little hillocks leap;
      Not Sinai on her base could stand,
      Conscious of sov'reign power at hand.

   4  What power could make the deep divide?
      Make Jordan backward roll his tide ?
      Why did ye leap, ye little hills?
      And whence the fright that Sinai feels?

   5  Let ev'ry mountain, ev'ry flood,
      Retire and know th' approaching God,
      The King of lsr'el: see him here;
      Tremble, thou earth, adore and fear.

   6  He thunders, and all nature mourns;
      The rock to standing pools he turns;
      Flints spring with fountains at his word,
      And fires and seas confess the Lord.

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