Psalm 113

Words: Isaac Watts

Proper tune  
888.888 (AAC BBC)
The majesty and condescension of God.

   1  Ye that delight to serve the Lord,
      The honors of his name record,
         His sacred name for ever bless;
      Where'er the circling sun displays
      His rising beams, or setting rays,
         Let lands and seas his power confess.

   2  Not time, nor nature's narrow rounds,
      Can give his vast dominion bounds,
         The heav'ns are far below his height:
      Let no created greatness dare
      With our eternal God compare,
         Armed with his uncreated might.

   3  He bows his glorious head to view
      What the bright hosts of angels do,
         And bends his care to mortal things;
      His sov'reign hand exalts the poor,
      He takes the needy from the door,
         And makes them company for kings.

   4  When childless families despair,
      He sends the blessing of an heir,
         To rescue their expiring name;
      The mother, with a thankful voice,
      Proclaims his praises and her joys:
         Let ev'ry age advance his fame.

God, sovereign and gracious.

   1  Ye servants of th' Almighty King,
      In ev'ry age his praises sing;
      Where'er the sun shall rise or set,
      The nations shall his praise repeat.

   2  Above the earth, beyond the sky,
      Stands his high throne of majesty;
      Nor time nor place his power restrain,
      Nor bound his universal reign.

   3  Which of the sons of Adam dare,
      Or angels, with their God compare ?
      His glories how divinely bright,
      Who dwells in uncreated light!

   4  Behold his love! he stoops to view
      What saints above and angels do;
      And condescends yet more to know
      The mean affairs of men below.

   5  From dust and cottages obscure,
      His grace exalts the humble poor;
      Gives them the honor of his sons,
      And fits them for their heav'nly thrones.

   6  A word of his creating voice
      Can make the barren house rejoice;
      Though Sarah's ninety years were past,
      The promis'e seed is born at last.

   7  With joy the mother views her son,
      And tells the wonders God has done:
      Faith may grow strong when sense despairs,
      If nature fails, the promise bears.

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