Psalm 112

Words: Isaac Watts

As the 113th Psalm
888.888 (AAC BBC)
The blessings of the liberal man.

   1  That man is blessed who stands in awe
      Of God, and loves his sacred law:
         His seed on earth shall be renowned;
      His house the seat of wealth shall be,
      An inexhausted treasury,
         And with successive honors crowned.

   2  His lib'ral favors he extends,
      To some he gives, to others lends;
         A gen'rous pity fills his mind:
      Yet what his charity impairs,
      He saves by prudence in affairs
         And thus he's just to all mankind.

   3  His hands, while they his alms bestowed,
      His glory's future harvest sowed;
         The sweet remembrance of the just,
      Like a green root, revives and bears
      A train of blessings for his heirs,
         When dying nature sleeps in dust.

   4  Beset with threat'ning dangers round,
      Unmoved shall he maintain his ground
         His conscience holds his courage up:
      The soul that's filled with virtue's light,
      Shines brightest in affliction's night,
         And sees in darkness beams of hope.


   5  Ill tidings never can surprise
      His heart that fixed on God relies,
         Though waves and tempests roar around:
      Safe on the rock he sits, and sees
      The shipwreck of his enemies,
         And all their hope and glory drowned.

   6  The wicked shall his triumph see,
      And gnash their teeth in agony,
         To find their expectations crossed;
      They and their envy, pride, and spite,
      Sink down to everlasting night,
         And all their names in darkness lost.  


The blessings of the pious and charitable.

   1  Thrice happy man who fears the Lord,
      Loves his commands, and trusts his word;
      Honor and peace his days attend,
      And blessings to his seed descend.

   2  Compassion dwells upon his mind,
      To works of mercy still inclined;
      He lends the poor some present aid,
      Or gives them, not to be repaid.

   3  When times grow dark, and tidings spread
      That fill his neighbors round with dread,
      His heart is armed against the fear,
      For God with all his power is there.

   4  His soul, well fixed upon the Lord,
      Draws heav'nly courage from his word;
      Amidst the darkness light shall rise,
      To cheer his heart and bless his eyes.

   5  He hath dispersed his alms abroad;
      His works are still before his God;
      His name on earth shall long remain,
      While envious sinners fret in vain.


Liberality rewarded.

   1  Happy is he that fears the Lord,
         And follows his commands;
      Who lends the poor without reward,
         Or gives with lib'ral hands.

   2  As pity dwells within his breast
         To all the sons of need;
      So God shall answer his request
         With blessings on his seed.

   3  No evil tidings shall surprise
         His well established mind;
      His soul to God his refuge flies,
         And leaves his fears behind.

   4  In times of general distress
         Some beams of light shall shine,
      To show the world his righteousness,
         And give him peace divine.

   5  His works of piety and love
         Remain before the Lord;
      Honor on earth and joys above
         Shall be his sure reward.  

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