Psalm 111

Words: Isaac Watts


Watts subtitle: The wisdom of God in his works.  
   l  Songs of immortal praise belong
         To my almighty God;
      He has my heart, and he my tongue,
         To spread his name abroad.

   2  How great the works his hand has wrought
         How glorious in our sight!
      And men in ev'ry age have sought
         His wonders with delight.

   3  How most exact is nature's frame!
         How wise th' Eternal mind!
      His counsels never change the scheme
         That his first thoughts designed.

   4  When He redeemed his chosen sons,
         He fixed his cov'nant sure;
      The orders that his lips pronounce
         To endless years endure.

   5  Nature and time, and earth and skies,
         Thy heav'nly skill proclaim;
      What shall we do to make us wise,
         But learn to read thy name?

   6  To fear thy power, to trust thy grace,
         Is our divinest skill
      And he's the wisest of our race
         That best obeys thy will. 

Watts subtitle: The perfections of God.

   1  Great is the Lord; his works of might
         Demand our noblest songs:
      Let his assembled saints unite
         Their harmony of tongues.

   2  Great is the mercy of the Lord;
         He gives his children food;
      And, ever mindful of his word,
         He makes his promise good.

   3  His Son, the great Redeemer, came
         To seal his cov'nant sure;
      Holy and reverend is his name,
         His ways are just and pure.

   4  They that would grow divinely wise
         Must with his fear begin;
      Our fairest proof of knowledge lies
         In hating every sin.

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