Psalm 109  v:1-5, 31

Words: Isaac Watts
This is more of a paraphrase, albeit a fine one,  than a true rendition of the Psalm

Love to enemies from the example of Christ. 
   l  God of my mercy and my praise,
         Thy glory is my song,
      Though sinners speak against thy grace
         With a blaspheming tongue. 
   2  When in the form of mortal man
         Thy Son on earth was found,
      With cruel slanders, false and vain,
         They compassed him around. 
   3  Their miseries his compassion moved,
         Their peace he still pursued;
      They render hatred for his love,
         And evil for his good. 
   4  Their malice raged without a cause,
         Yet, with his dying breath,
      He prayed for murderers on his cross,
         And blessed his foes in death. 
   5  Lord, shall thy bright example shine
         In vain before my eyes?
      Give me a soul akin to thine,
         To love my enemies. 
   6  The Lord shall on my side engage,
         And, in my Savior's name,
      I shall defeat their pride and rage
         Who slander and condemn.

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