Psalm 1

Words: The Scottish Psalter

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   1  That man hath perfect blessedness,
         who walketh not astray
      In counsel of ungodly men,
         nor stands in sinners' way,
   2  Nor sitteth in the scorner's chair:
         But placeth his delight
      Upon God's law, and meditates
         on his law day and night.
   3  He shall be like a tree that grows
         near planted by a river,
      Which in his season yields his fruit,
         and his leaf fadeth never:
   4  And all he doth shall prosper well
         The wicked are not so;
      But like they are unto the chaff,
         which wind drives to and fro.
   5  In judgment therefore shall not stand
         such as ungodly are; 
      Nor in th' assembly of the just
         shall wicked men appear.
   6  For why? the way of godly men
         unto the Lord is known:
      Whereas the way of wicked men
         shall quite be overthrown.

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