Psalm 31       J.H.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre


  1  O Lord, I put my trust in thee,
        let nothing work me shame;
     As thou art just, deliver me,
        and set me free from blame.

  2  Hear me, O Lord, and that anon,
        to help me make good speed;
     Be thou my rock and house of stone,
        my fence in time of need.

  3  For why? as stones thy strength is tried, 
        thou art my fort and tow'r,
     For thy Name s sake be thou my grade, 
     and lead me in thy pow'r.

  4  Pluck thou my feet out of the snare 
        which they for me have laid;
     Thou art my strength, and all my care 
        is for thy mighty aid.

  5  Into thy hands, Lord, I commit
        my soul, which is thy due,
     Because thou hast redeem-ed it,
        O Lord my God most true.

  6  I hate such folk as will not part
        from things to be abhorred;
     When they on trifles set their heart,
        my trust is in the Lord.

  7  For I will in thy mercy joy,
        I see it doth excel;
     Thou seest when ought would me annoy,
        and know'st my soul full well.

  8  Thou hast not left me in their hand 
        that would me overcharge;
     But thou hast set me out of band,
        to walk abroad at large.

   The Second Part.

  9  Great grief, O Lord, doth me assail,
        some pity on me take;
     My eyes wax dim, my sight doth fail,
        my heart with fear doth ache.

 10  My life is worn with grief and pain,
        my years in woe are past;
     My strength is gone, and through disdain 
        my bones corrupt and waste.

 11  Among my foes I am a scorn,
        my friends are all dismayed;
     My neighbors, and my kinsmen born, 
        to see me are afraid.

 12  As men once dead are out of mind,
        so am I now forgot;
     As little use of me they find
        as of a broken pot.

 13  I heard the brags of all the rout,
        their threats my mind did fray;
     How they conspired and went about
        to take my life away.

 14  But, Lord, I trust in thee for aid,
        not to be overtrod;
     For I confess, and still have said,
        Thou art the Lord my God.

 15  The length of all my life and age,
        O Lord, is in thy hand:
     Defend me from the wrath and rage
        of them that me withstand.

 16  To me, thy servant, Lord, express
        and show thy joyful face,
     And save me, Lord, for thy goodness, 
        thy mercy, and thy grace.

  The Third Part.

 17  Lord, let me not be put to shame,
        because on thee I call;
     But let the wicked bear the blame,
        and into tile grave fall.

 18  O Lord, make dumb their lips outright,
        who given are to lies,
     And cruelly with pride and spite
        against the just devise.

 19  How plentiful thy mercies be
        laid up for thy children,
     That fear and put their trust in thee
        before the sons of men!

 20  Thy presence shall them fence and guide 
        from all proud brags and wrongs;
     Within thy place thou shalt them hide 
        from all tile strife of tongues,

 21  Thanks to the Lord, that hath declared 
        on me his grace so far,
     Me to defend with watch and ward,
        as in a town of war.

 22  Thus did I say both day and night,
        when I was sore oppressed,
     Lo! am clean cast out of sight,
        yet heard'st thou my request.

 23  Ye saints, love ye the Lord alway,
        the faithful he doth guide;
     And to the proud he doth repay
        according to their pride.

 24  Be of good courage, all ye just,
        on God your strength depend;
     For those in him that put their trust
        he ever will defend.

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