Psalm 23    W.W. (and a second verson by T.S.)

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre
Note: there are two versions on this page.

Common Metre Tunes

   1  The Lord is only my support,
         and he that doth me feed;
      How can I then lack any thing,
         whereof I stand in need?
   2  In pastures green he feedeth me,
         where I do safely lie,
      And after leads me to the streams
         which run most pleasantly.
   3  And when I find myself near lost,
         then doth he me home take,
      conducting me in his right paths,
         e'en for his own Name's sake.
   4  And though I were e'en at death's door,
         yet would I fear no ill;
      For both thy rod and shepherd's crook
         afford me comfort still.
   5  Thou hast my table richly spread
         in presence of my foe;
      Thou hast my head with balm refreshed,
         my cup doth overflow;
   6  And finally, while breath doth last,
         thy grace shall me defend;
      And in the house of God will I
         my life for ever spend.

Another of the same, by T.S.
Common Metre Tunes

   1  My Shepherd is the living Lord,
         nothing therefore I need:
      In pastures fair, near pleasant streams,
         he setteth me to feed.
   2  He shall convert and glad my soul,
         and bring my mind in frame
      To walk in paths of righteousness
         for his most holy Name.
   3  Yea, though I walk in vale of death,
         yet will I fear no ill:
      Thy rod and staff do comfort me,
         and thou art with me still.
   4  And in the presence of my foes
         My table thou shalt spread
      Thou wilt fill full my cup, and thou
         anointed hast my head.
   5  Through all my life thy favor is
         so frankly showed to me
      That in thy house for evermore
         my dwelling place shall be.

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