Psalm 1

Words: The Bay Psalm Book (original spelling retained)

Common Metre Tunes

 1  O blessed man, that in th'advice
       of wicked doth not walk
    Nor stand in sinners way nor sit
       in chayre of scornfull folk.

 2  But in the law of Jehova,
       is his longing delight;
    and in his law doth meditate
       by day and ere by night.

 3  And he shall be like to a tree
       planted by water-rivers:
    That in his season yields his fruit
       And his leafe never withers.

 4  And all he doth, shall prosper well,
       the wicked are not so:
    But they are like unto the chaffe
       which winde drives to and fro.

 5  Therefore shall not ungodly men,
       rise to stand in the doome,
    Nor shall the sinners with the just,
       in their assemblie come.

 6  For of the righteous men, the Lord
       aknowledgeth the way:
    but the way of ungodly men,
       shall utterly decay.  

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