Isaiah the Prophet Has Written of Old

Words: Joy F. Patterson, 1982, rev. Ann Tannert

Music:    Unable to initialize a MIDI player in your browser American folk melody, harmonized by Ann Tannert
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  1. Isaiah the prophet has written of old
        how God's holy kingdom shall come.
     The Son will return in great power and righteousness
        Nations will gather to Him.
     His rule will be just, He will help all the needy
        Holy and faithful is He.
     In that day the Lord will reclaim all his people
        from ev'ry corner of the earth.

  2. The beasts of the kingdom shall peacefully gather,
        and children will not be afraid.
     The calf and the lion will lie down together;
        The leopard shall rest with the kid.
     For nothing shall hurt or destroy on His mountain;
        All will dwell safely in peace.
     The earth shall be filled with the knowledge of God
        as waters which cover the earth.

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