Great Is The Lord

Words and music: Ann Tannert
Text based on Psalm 48; Revelation 21:23-27

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   Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised
   In the city of our God, upon His holy hill.
   Zion is God's city; Peace is in the land.
   Christ rules the nations; His kingdom is at hand!

   Let us rejoice! Our King has come to reign!
   He will judge with righteousness, the Faithful One and True!
   Glory, Alleluia, unto Christ our King!
   Behold our Savior! of His great pow'r we sing!

   Worship the Lord, present yourself to Him,
   Hail the Lamb who is our light, Pay homage to His name!
   Look within the city, there shall be no strife.
   Enter, you faithful, known from the Book of Life.

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Words and music copyright 1997, Ann Tannert
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