Let Thy Chastening Be in Measure

Words: Psalm 38:1-10, 21-22
as published in: The Psalter of the United Presbyterian Church of North America, 1887 ed. alt

Music:       Dwight Armstrong
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 1  Lord, do not in hot displeasure
       lay thy heavy hand on me. 
    Let Thy chast'ning be in measure;
       Thy rebukes from anger free.
    For Thy hand most surely presses;
       fast Thine arrows stick within;
    Wrath my weary flesh distresses,
       gives my bones no rest from sin.

 2  O'er my head like billows rushing,
       my transgressions risen are,
    Like a burden heavy crushing,
       greater far than I can bear.
    Loathsome are my wounds neglected;
       my own folly makes it so;
    Bowed with grief and much afflicted,
       all the day I mourning go.

 3  Lord, my God, in Thee I'm trusting;
       Thou wilt hear me when I call,
    Hear, lest they against me boasting,
       joy and triumph when I fall.
    Lord, my God, do not forsake me;
       distant from me never be,
    To my Savior I betake me;
       hasten, Lord, give help to me.     

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