I Will Sing Unto the Eternal

Words: from Exodus 15:1-19

Music:       Dwight Armstrong
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 1.  I will sing unto the Eternal;
        He has triumphed gloriously!
     He has stretched out His right hand
        and hurled the foe into the sea!
     O Eternal, You are my strength,
        my song, my great salvation! 
     O Eternal, You are my God
        and I will glorify your Name.

  2. "I will chase them and overtake them,
        catch them and divide the spoil;"
     Said the foe, "My hand will destroy them,"
        but the foe drowned in the sea!
     O Eternal, at Your blast 
        the waters gathered, depths congealed!
     O Eternal, who can be like You,
        glorious in holiness?

  3. People heard and nations trembled;
        dread and terror on them fell;
     Chiefs of Edom all were amazed,
        and they all trembled in their fear!
     Pharaoh's horsemen and his chariots
        sank into the churning sea!
     O Eternal, You led Your people
        over dry land through the sea.

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