God Is My Rock, My Salvation

Words: anonymous, based on Psalm 62

Music:       Dwight Armstrong

 1. God is my rock, my salvation, my hope
    My soul in silence waits for my God alone;
    He is my fort, I shall not be removed;
    He is my refuge, my high tower of strength.
    How long will men take pleasure in sin?
    They plot and threaten the life of the king.

2.  Vain men are they, delighting in craft;
    Their lips they bless with, but they curse inwardly;
    Low men or high, both are less than a breath;
    Trust and rely not on extortion and gain.
    Rescue shall come from my God alone,
    and I shall never be greatly removed.

3.  Still, O my soul, wait in silence for God;
    My hope and refuge is in my God alone;
    He is my Rock, my salvation and strength;
    With God alone shall my deliverance be.
    Kindness and pow'r belong to our God;
    He shall reward ev'ry man for his works.

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