Give Judgment to the King, O God
(RCOG - "Seventy-Second Psalm")

Words: anonymous, based on Psalm 72:1-11

Music:    Dwight Armstrong
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 1.  Give judgment to the King, O God,
        and to the royal son;
     The spirit of Thy righteousness,
        that He may rightly judge.
     Let hills and mountains bring forth peace,
        Prosperity for all;
     He shall defend the needy ones,
        and stop those who oppress.

 2.  Long may He live, long as the sun
        and moon above shall shine!
     Like gentle rain on meadows green,
        and show'rs that water earth!
     For in His days shall peace abound,
        with justice shall he rule;
     And righteousness shall fill the earth,
        as long as time exists.

 3.  From sea to sea, to ends of earth,
        shall His dominion be!
     His enemies shall lick the dust,
        His foes bow down to Him!
     The kings of west and east shall bring
        their tribute unto Him;
     Yes, all earth's kings shall bow to Him,
        all nations yield to Him!

NOTE: the old RCOG hymnal had slightly different words for this song. Here are those words:

 1.  Give judgment to the King, O God,
        Give justice to the poor;
     O judge Thy people righteously
        and set the needy free.
     Lo! Hills and mountains shall bring forth,
        Prosperity and peace;
     He shall defend the needy ones,
        oppressors crush to bits.

 2.  He shall descend like rain that cheers,
        the righteous then shall thrive;
     As long as sun and moon endure,
        or time itself shall last.
     His enemies shall bow their heads;
        His foes shall lick the dust!
     May all the kings before Him fall,
        all nations yield to him.

 3.  To Him shall ev'ry king on earth
        his humble homage pay;
     And nations shall with gifts and presents
        own His righteous sway.
     For He shall set the needy free,
        When they for succor cry;
     Shall save the helpless and the poor,
        and all their wants supply.

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